June 2012 Field Test Boycott

The Field Test Boycott was a great success ! Parents in 61 schools – an unprecedented number – refused to allow their children to take these field tests.

In addition, the Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council (CPAC) passed a resolution on May 31 endorsing the boycott and urging all parents to opt their children out of the field tests. The Community Education Councils (CECs) of District 3 in Manhattan (Upper West Side) and District 20 (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Borough Park, Kensington) in Brooklyn passed similar resolutions.

See the June 7th Press Release  for more about the the field test boycott.

More Information about the June 2012 Field Tests

Our children just spent 6 days taking state standardized tests in English and math.  They also spent countless hours (over many months) prepping for these tests. Pearson Publishing is the company that produces these tests.

Now the State Education Department (SED) wants our children to take even more tests in June!  

This time, the tests will be made up entirely of “field questions” – none will count on your child’s record.  Taking these tests will mean more time spent taking tests and less time spent on learning.  Neither the SED nor Pearson has asked parents for permission to use our children in this way.  Do you want your child being put to work for the profit of a large corporation?  Do you want your child taking more tests?