NY Times: “A Legacy Threatened by Scorn”

January 23, 2013

This editorial speaks about Mayor Bloomberg’s mounting debacle in the education arena as he continues to take an inflexible stance with regard to the teachers and UFT as well as the bus strike.

Interesting tidbit from the article which shows perhaps the true motivation here, of enriching private companies through so-called education reform:

“The mayor insisted that only competitive bidding for bus contracts – which could eviscerate union contracts – would yield the dollar savings he desires. His adherence to the religion of competitive bidding is wobbly; his administration came to the precipice of disaster in 2007, when consultants holding a no-bid, multimillion dollar contract recommended new bus routes that made very little sense….(Comptroller John C. Liu also noted last week that the mayor’s education department planned to hand a no-bid, $10 million contract to track test scores to a company run by the former New York City schools chancellor, Joel I. Klein).”

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