Letter to Principals

Please fill out this letter, especially if you are in the testing grades (3rd through 8th) Let us know that you filled it out at info@parentvoicesny.org – make sure we have a copy or the PVNY coordinator at your school does.

Or send it to us and we will get it to your principal. 



May 2012

Dear Principal ____________________________________,

Please do not allow my child _____________________________________________________ in Class ____________________________________________ to sit for any New York state field test in any subject the week of June 4-8.

My child has been subjected to excessive amounts of state standardized state testing this school year.  The tests in April consumed six days of 90 minutes each, in addition to the huge amount of time devoted to preparing for those tests.  It is unacceptable that even more valuable classroom time be allocated to state testing.  Furthermore, I object to my child being used as a guinea pig for a second time by Pearson and the State Education Department, especially as field test questions were already embedded in the April state tests, making my child a research subject for a for-profit corporation without my consent or permission.

It is my understanding that there will be no negative consequences for the school if children do not take these field tests, and make-up exams will not be given.  Therefore, I do not give permission for my child to take the June field test.

I would respectfully request that the school not give the test at all, and that all students benefit from a day of instruction rather than waste yet another day on test-taking.  If, however, the school does give the tests, I expect it to offer an alternative instructional activity for my child.








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